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First Amendment Does Not Protect Threats Against Judge

A criminal conviction for threatening a judge has been affirmed by the Connecticut Supreme Court, which rejected a First Amendment defense to the charges In the spring of 2014, Judge Bozzuto, who was responsible for managing the docket of the… … Continue reading

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Judge Kavanaugh’s Activist Vision of Administrative Law

Last October, Judge Brett Kavanaugh told the Heritage Foundation that statutory interpretation ideally “should be neutral, impartial, and predictable among judges of different partisan backgrounds and ideological predilections.” But he acknowledged that this is not the reality today. The Chevron … Continue reading

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An Easy Tax Issue for Judge Judy

It has been a while since I commented on a television court show episode. It’s a combination of not seeing very many new episodes, and the absence of any tax issue popping up in the episodes that I did see … Continue reading

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Evening round-up: Final day of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee has concluded its hearing on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Today consisted of witness testimony; there were four panels and 28 total witnesses. Coverage of the day’s events comes from Jessica … Continue reading

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The Ambiguity in Judge Kavanaugh’s Chevron Critique

Amid debate over pivotal issues such as abortion rights and presidential power, senators deliberating this week over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination want to know more about his views on a seemingly obscure 1984 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Chevron v. … Continue reading

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