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Embezzlement Charges Snare School Official, Priest in San Jose

Embezzlement is often associated with corporate America, in which a greedy CEO or company officer absconds to a foreign country with profits or investor funds. However, criminal charges of embezzlement apply in any situation in which you are accused of stealing … Continue reading

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Jose Padilla's conviction for conspiracy to support terrorism is upheld but the court of appeals says the sentencing judge was too lenient

In U.S. v. Jose Padilla, the court of appeals upheld the conviction of Padilla, commonly known as the "dirty bomber" who was held in solitary confinement for 3 years as an enemy combatant before he was indicted in Miami. Padilla … Continue reading

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Ernesto Cordero renuncia y se va por la grande… José Antonio Meade (Sría. De Energía) nuevo Srio. De Hacienda #dicen

Lo que ya se veía venir sucede por fin…. Unas horas después de entregar el Paquete Económico 2012, al Srio. De Hacienda Ernesto Cordero le pareció un buen momento para anunciar su partida para competir por la presidencia de la … Continue reading

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San Jose city manager moves to fire cop involved in videotaped beating

San Jose city manager moves to fire cop involved in videotaped beating Rejecting a more lenient recommendation from the San Jose Police Department, City Manager Debra Figone is moving to fire a cop for using ‘unnecessary and unreasonable’ force during … Continue reading

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EUs iTunes probe praised (San Jose Mercury News)

LONDON – Europes antitrust probe into the way Apple works with the major music labels to sell songs on the online iTunes store is benefiting music lovers across the Atlantic, and some see more changes on the way. Read more … Continue reading

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