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Fears Nachawati’s Jonathan Novak Featured in AP News Story About Purdue Pharma’s Landmark Opioid Settlement

Following the announcement that OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma had reached a landmark settlement with the state of Oklahoma for damages caused by opioid addition, the Associated Press spoke with Fears Nachawati trial lawyer Jonathan Novak about the significance of the … Continue reading

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"The MLB Coach Who Played Only T-Ball — Jonathan Erlichman hasn't played baseball since the age of 5."

From the Wall Street Journal.Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Tommy Pham wanted help with his defensive positioning one day earlier in spring training, so he sought guidance from… a 28-year-old with a math degree from Princeton whose entire playing career consists … Continue reading

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FINRA Suspends Broker Jonathan Iraggi For Compliance Issue

Jonathan William Iraggi (CRD #5857254) is a former registered broker whose last employer was National Securities Corporation (CRD #7569) of Morganville, NJ. His previous employers include Garden State Securities, Inc. (CRD #10083) of Red Bank, NJ, Spartan Capital Securities, LLC … Continue reading

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[Jonathan H. Adler] Is Kids Climate Case Coming to an End?

The "trial of the century" may not happen after all.On the eve of Thanksgiving, a federal district court judge may have conceded that there will be no federal trial in a case to force the federal government to take more … Continue reading

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[Jonathan H. Adler] Grand Jury to Investigate Kris Kobach

Another bad legal development for the Kansas Secretary of State and Gubernatorial hopeful.In June, a federal judge sanctioned Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach for "a pattern and practice . . . of flaunting disclosure and discovery rules" in litigation … Continue reading

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