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Reimagining John James Audubon’s “Birds of America”

The Illustrated Aviary Reimagining John James Audubon’s “Birds of America” – “For every issue of Audubon magazine, we ask a new artist to reinterpret one of Audubon’s original watercolors using their own unique style. You can peruse all of the works completed so far … Continue reading

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A Family Affair: Jason, John, Derek And Jared

The California Bar Journal reports Jared Morgan Galanis [#238549], 39, of Baltimore, Maryland, was suspended effective June 9, 2018, for two years or until he provides proof to the State Bar Court of his rehabilitation, fitness to practice, and present… … Continue reading

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"'No one is disputing how the courts have ruled on this,' john a. powell, a Berkeley law professor with joint appointments in the departments of African-American Studies and Ethnic Studies, told me."

"'What I’m saying is that courts are often wrong.' Powell is tall, with a relaxed sartorial style, and his manner of speaking is soft and serenely confident. Before he became an academic, he was the national legal director of the … Continue reading

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John Bingham and the American Ideal of Immigration

My favorite Bingham quote comes from a speech he gave at his alma mater, Franklin College, in 1851. True then, true now. When the vital principle of our government, the equality of the human race, shall be fully realized, when … Continue reading

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Allocation of Fault to John Doe: What You Need to Know

You might find it hard to believe. However, John Doe actually does exist in real life. It’s hard to quantify how many people are really called John Doe. After all, it’s a name commonly used in lawsuits for unidentifiable persons. … Continue reading

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