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Jobs: Plum Book: United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions

Remember the Plum Book, an interesting current and historical document (and usually a federal policy wonk job seeker’s tool)? You can read the December 2016 edition of the Plum Book and previous editions. (If those links fail, just search these … Continue reading

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IRA Trusts After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Many taxpayers have amassed substantial assets in their Roth and traditional IRAs. Instead of paying these assets to a beneficiary, they may instead be made payable to an individual beneficiary. This scheme may be more beneficial for asset protection and… … Continue reading

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Sick and injured battered by costs of hospitalization, long-term care, bad jobs

Illness and accidents batter and beggar Americans worse than many of us realize. New studies show it’s not just the cost of medical services but also long-term care and loss of jobs staggering the lives and finances of too many. … Continue reading

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February Jobs Report Provides Dream Scenario for Markets: DealBook Briefing

The United States economy added 313,000 jobs in February, the most in more than two years, but wage growth remained lackluster. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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Prof Hrdy: When Inventions Kill Jobs

Prof. Hrdy has an interesting new blog post to accompany her paper titled Technological Un/employment.  Her work focuses on the intersection between jobs and intellectual property – looking both historically and toward the future of automation. “[T]he impact of technology on … Continue reading

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