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The Jobs and Regulation Issue Revisited

Despite noisy political claims to the contrary, the weight of the evidence suggests that regulation has a small impact on the total number of jobs. Still, regulation is bound to have some effect on who has jobs, what kinds of … Continue reading

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Wisconsin jobs numbers still poor

Jake’s blog is providing excellent analysis of DWD’s job numbers. So, see his September review of the “gold standard” job numbers and his examination of an ALEC report that tries to claim Wisconsin is doing better than Minnesota (short answer: … Continue reading

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Careers over Jobs

There is a recent book I loved "An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of your Work and Your Life" by Michael Arthur, Svetlana Khapova and Julia Richardson. It's about how to make the most of the inevitable changes of technologies, globalization … Continue reading

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House Passes JOBS Act 3.0

Since it first enacted the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act in 2012, Congress has continued to modify the original JOBS Act as part of an ongoing effort to try to boost small businesses and business startups. For example, in … Continue reading

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4 Changes to Divorce Planning Caused by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 is not only the most sweeping update to the U.S. tax code in the last 30 years, it also has serious repercussions on the traditional divorce planning process. For starters, wealthy … Continue reading

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