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New Jersey Domestic Violence Trends Getting Worse

With all the transparency about domestic violence incidents occurring at an alarming rate, one would think these incidents would begin to decrease rather than increase. Unfortunately, that is not the case. According to the latest report from the New Jersey … Continue reading

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FIGHT CLUB PART 2: Angelina Jolie’s Request for “Meaningful Child Support”: Calculating New Jersey Child Support in High Income Cases

The Jolie/Pitt “Fight Club” continues. I previously blogged about the Jolie/Pitt divorce in “Fight Club: What You Can Learn From Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s Long Term Relationship With Short Marriage“.  This week the media was abuzz with news of … Continue reading

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Divorce on Demand in New Jersey?

A few weeks ago The New York Times published an article about a divorce in the United Kingdom caught my attention.  The article was called  “Divorce on Demand? In the U.K., It’s Not Quite That Simple“.   Does the UK have “divorce … Continue reading

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School Bus Driver in Fatal New Jersey Crash Had License Suspended 14 Times – What Can You Do To Protect Your Child During School Field Trips?

As New Jersey mass transit accident attorneys, we see the devastation a mass transit accident causes for the families involved. Our entire legal team was saddened to hear of the tragic and deadly school bus crash in Mount Olive, N.J. … Continue reading

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On a daily basis, I’ll go online and search for the latest in divorce news to see what people are talking about. Two recent stories were of particular note not for the facts involved but, rather, for the newsworthy legal … Continue reading

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