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Openings Begin Monday In Latest New Jersey J&J Talc Trial, CVN To Webcast Live

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What Laws Govern Pregnancy Leave for New Jersey Employees?

There are various laws that protect pregnant women from workplace discrimination and that provide for pregnancy related leave from work.  In fact, there are both federal and state laws that provide New Jersey employees the right to take pregnancy leave … Continue reading

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Is the Proposed New Jersey Stormwater Management Fee an Unfair Tax?

A little less than six years ago, in The “Rain Tax”?, I examined the storm management fee enacted by Maryland, which critics called a “rain tax.” I explained that it was not a “rain tax” because the water that runs … Continue reading

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New Jersey Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Drug Court Graduates Regarding Expungement

If you are a successful graduate of the drug court program in New Jersey, a recent ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court in In the Matter of the Expungement of the Arrest/Charge Records of T.B. has just made it … Continue reading

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How are division of assets handled in a New Jersey divorce?

Married couples acquire assets and property for their joint use. If the couple later divorces, the decision must be made as to which spouse gets what property. If the spouses cannot agree on who gets what, a family law court … Continue reading

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