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Jeff Bezos Accuses the National Enquirer of Sextortion

Benjamin Wittes and I, along with other Lawfare writers, have published over the years on the phenomenon of “sextortion”—sexual violence that takes place over the internet, usually when the perpetrator obtains explicit images of a victim and uses that material … Continue reading

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How Will Washington State Handle Jeff Bezos’ Divorce?

By now you’ve probably heard that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is getting divorced from his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie Bezos. Celebrities really are just like us. Though most of us aren’t worth billions of dollars—it’s likely to be the … Continue reading

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Jeff Bezos and Justin Bieber Don’t Have Prenuptial Agreements: Do You?

Recent headlines announced that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ 25-year marriage is ending. He and his wife are the wealthiest couple in the world with a net worth of approximately $137 billion, and reportedly never signed a prenup. It’s also reported … Continue reading

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E19 – LexisNexis’ Jeff Pfeifer on Being Like a Startup

  Marlene and Greg went to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit the LexisNexis Technology Center. While there, they got a tour of the facilities and introduction to some of the business techniques implemented by the Lexis team. Jeff Pfeifer sat … Continue reading

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Faruki+ Managing Partner, Jeff Ireland and Wife, Ellen Ireland Recipients of 2018 Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Award

Jeff Ireland, Managing Partner at Faruki Ireland Cox Rhinehart & Dusing PLL, and his wife, Ellen Ireland, have been selected as recipients for the 2018 Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Award.  See Press Release for more on this outstanding achievement. The post … Continue reading

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