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Man Accused of Killing His Wife Aboard Cruise Released from Italian Jail

This week, Daniel Belling, the man accused of killing his wife while on their Mediterranean cruise last year, has been released from prison. The release comes after 14 months of being held without bail in Rome’s Regina Coeli jail. Without … Continue reading

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Can Nativity scene characters attract copyright protection under Italian law? It depends

Typical Nativity sceneAt Christmas time the making of Nativity scenes in churches and homes is a Catholic tradition that is particularly common in Southern Europe.Like many other Italian children, I have wonderful memories of when my brother and I used … Continue reading

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Bronx Italian Restaurant Sued For Wage Theft

Roberto’s Restaurant, a famous Italian restaurant on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, was sued by Gerardo Luna, a food preparer and porter, for unpaid overtime compensation and spread of hours pay, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) … Continue reading

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Italian Court Rules Downloading is Not a Crime If Not For Profit (AP)

(Milan) Italys top criminal court has ruled that downloading music, movies and software over the Internet isnt a crime if profit wasnt the motivation, though analysts questioned Monday whether the ruling would have much effect on copyright laws. The courts … Continue reading

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Privileges of Public Shareholders, Italian Civil Code and Free Movement of Capital: Joined Cases C-4

In its important new judgment in Joined Cases C-463/04 and C-464/04 Federconsumatori and others v. Comune di Milano the Court of Justice held that a provision of the Italian Civil Code that permits the state and public bodies to participate… … Continue reading

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