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How to Win a Michigan Driver's License Restoration Appeal Without Being Involved in AA – Part 1

Can a person win back their Michigan Driver's License without going to AA? This article will address this question, and explain why the answer is not only "yes," but also how and why the majority of the License Appeals I … Continue reading

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Power 96 DJ Laz's Gun Involved In Broward Domestic Violence Murder/Suicide

On Sunday, September 25, 2011, ten days after being arraigned on two counts of misdemeanor battery/domestic violence against his wife and his wife's Mother, Marcus Nathaniel Trotman shot his wife, her mother and himself in what police are calling a … Continue reading

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Car Wreck Near Bardstown Ky May Have Involved Alcohol

According to police reports, alcohol may have been a factor in an accident that killed a New Haven man and injured three others Sunday night after a head-on collision near Bardstown. Robert O'Bryan, 26, was pronounced dead when his GMC … Continue reading

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Labor regulations to reach lawyers involved in campaigns to persuade workers not to sign union cards

Overlawyered has news of labor regulations that would require financial disclosures from various professionals, including lawyers, if the professional is involved in campaigns to persuade workers not to sign union cards. (Overlawyered links to Labor Union Report, and it's fair … Continue reading

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Federal Government Involved in Bullying Case, Reports NYC Injury Lawyer

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