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Recognizing the Value of Billboards, Lawyer Runs into a Roadblock

A lawyer who recognized the value of billboards ran into a roadblock when he purchased five buildings for the purpose of advertising his law firm on billboards. In an effort to reduce the number of billboards, New York City’s permit … Continue reading

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EEOC Task Force Reconvenes to Discuss How to Transform #MeToo into Harassment-Free Workplaces

More than a year before #MeToo, a Select Task Force was created by President Obama to examine the problem of sexual harassment at the workplace. The Select Task Force consisted of a select group of outside experts who analyzed the causes … Continue reading

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Investigation Into Compound Prescription Marketing by TYY-Affiliated Pharmacies Charges a Marketer and Two Podiatrists in Los Angeles

Marketing payments are driving many of the federal criminal cases involving compounding pharmacies. A recent Los Angeles federal case fits that profile. An indictment unsealed on June 26, 2018, alleged a wide-ranging conspiracy that was responsible for more than $250 million … Continue reading

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A forward look into emerging technologies in M&A

As previously noted, businesses are keen to shine their spotlights on the surge of disruptive technology, particularly with the opportunities it stands to introduce, the existing standards it proposes to displace, and the upside it promises for bottom lines. In recent … Continue reading

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