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Is Tort Reform in the Best Interests of the Public? The Numbers’ Don’t Lie and Insurance Company Exec’s agree It is in No One’s Best Interests, Except Insurers

The Tort Reform Myth Persists — Selling Out the Injured Why do lobbyists still sell and legislators still buy the tort reform myth? A 194-page briefing book published in December 2018 by the Center for Justice & Democracy at New … Continue reading

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How do you value a Chapter 13 debtor’s business for purposes of the best interests of creditors test?

In a recent Michigan bankruptcy court decision, the court used the “going concern forced sale value” to value Chapter 13 debtor’s business for purpose of best interests of creditors test in Code § 1325(a)(4). The court was faced with determining … Continue reading

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Judge Gilstrap Cautions on Tactics Directed Solely to PTAB Interests

Court Takes Offense to Tactics Geared to PTAB Alone Litigants beware; Judge Rodney Gilstrap (E.D. Texas) warned litigants considered to be using the district court proceedings to posture positions in co-pending CBM proceedings that ‘[t]he Court does not countenance—in fact this … Continue reading

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Unwaivable equitable remuneration rights for performers: disruption or balancing of interests?

Ananay AguilarIn an article recently published in the JIPITEC (and available here), I examined parts of the ongoing copyright reform process drawing on a case study on the Fair Internet for Performers Campaign. This process has been characterised by strong … Continue reading

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Focusing on Your Child’s Best Interests

Your child’s best interests will always be a key point in your divorce and child custody cases. As you are well aware, your child feels the impact of the divorce even more than you do. It’s really a sad reality … Continue reading

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