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Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

When you’ve successfully fashioned something creative, be it a manuscript , a song or a painting, you’re entitled to file a copyright for your material. A copyright is a legal term which assigns exclusive rights to the maker of the … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property Notes – Parallel Imports

In Mexico, as in the rest of the world, trademarks are registered to allow their owners to use them directly or indirectly, through licensing or other authorizations. Consequently, the use of registered trademarks without the owner's authorization gives rise to … Continue reading

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Legal History as American Intellectual History

Daniel T. Rodgers, The Age of Fracture (Harvard University Press, 2011). Sophia Z. Lee While histories of the United States are just beginning to creep into the 1980s, Daniel Rodgers has produced a panoptic intellectual history that takes his readers … Continue reading

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LWH Tests Facebook's Intellectual Property Protection Program

Back in June 2009, we wrote about protecting trademarks under Facebook's new URL redesign, which permitted a member to use a personal name as part of his or her Facebook address. Aware that the redesign offered new opportunities for trademark … Continue reading

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"Buried Treasure" – Securing Reimbursement for Monies Expended in Past Intellectual Property Lawsuits

-David A. Gauntlett, Gauntlett & Associates Companies looking for extra money in these tough economic times may have an answer from the past. The vast majority of insurer denial letters for intellectual property lawsuits lack merit. Therefore, companies who have … Continue reading

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