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Prompt Notice of Hail Damage—What is It? Why Do Insurers Fetch Their Lawyers to Claim Non-Compliance? Should Insurers Expect Their Insureds To Dangerously Climb Roofs When OSHA Regulations Prevent Their Own Adjusters From Doing the Same?

One of the most offensive examples of insurance company claims managers losing their ethical way is when they demand that their insureds risk life and limb to immediately investigate their roofs after a hail storm. Most insurance policies require “prompt … Continue reading

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The Sentinel Strike: The Hartford’s Gift to New York Insurers in the War to Stop Policyholder Experts from Claiming Ambiguities Exist in Clear Policy Exclusions

In this age of exponentially increasing technology, we can rely on one certainty in property casualty jurisprudence – that is, bold policyholder assertions supported by even bolder “expert” opinions. In BF Advance, LLC v. Sentinel Insurance Company, No. 16-cv-5931 (E.D.N.Y. … Continue reading

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D&O Insurance: Court Rejects Insurers’ Argument That Coverage for a DOJ Subpoena is Precluded

As I have noted in numerous prior posts, the question of whether or not a D&O insurance policy provides coverage for a subpoena is a recurring issue. A recent decision out of the Northern District of Illinois denied the relevant … Continue reading

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Insurers do not have to indemnify lawyer for overbilling claim (US)

A property foreclosure attorney was sued in a class action for overbilling a group of property owners. The lawyer sued his PI insurers to oblige them to defend him against the class action. He lost. The court found that the … Continue reading

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Deciphering “Good Faith” for Insurers Defending Coblentz Agreements in Florida, Insurance Journal

By Michel A. Morgan Insurance Journal (May 17, 2018) – Since the 1969 seminal case of Coblentz v. Am Surety Co. out of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that found an insurer that breaches its duty to defend must pay the … Continue reading

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