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Crop Insurance Lawyers

Insurance lawyers who work in rural areas of Texas will see situations involving crop insurance. Some insurance companies sell property coverage to mitigate against the risk of loss to farm crops caused by environmental perils including drought, flooding, hail or … Continue reading

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Subcontractor required to provide own insurance held not entitled to project insurance (UK)

Where project-wide cover was taken out for a construction contract for extensions to a school but the roofing contractor was obliged to take out its own insurance, it was held that the roofing contractor who caused a fire and a … Continue reading

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Insurance and California Real Estate Investments

Author: Staff Investing in California real estate is, ultimately, a gamble. Even the most experienced and savvy investor cannot know what will happen to the property years, months, weeks, or even moments from now. Risk management is therefore one of the … Continue reading

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Figuring Out Health Insurance After Divorce

One of your first considerations after filing for divorce should be how it will affect your health insurance coverage because most spouses share an insurance plan. If your insurance plan is through your employer, you have little to worry about. … Continue reading

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D&O Insurance: Special Event Exclusion Does Not Preclude Subsequent Litigation Coverage

As I have frequently noted, a recurring and vexing D&O insurance issue is the question of relatedness between different claims. Another frequent D&O insurance coverage issue is the question of the applicability of a special event or prior litigation exclusion. … Continue reading

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