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Bankruptcy Stops the Obamacare Tax Penalty for Going Without Insurance

Bankruptcy is a very useful thing.  Not only does it eliminate many types of consumer debt with the stroke of a pen, protect almost all of your assets, and put you on the path to rebuilding credit, but it also … Continue reading

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Who Is Entitled To Recover Insurance Proceeds

Insurance attorneys always have to answer the above question when looking at an insurance policy case.  This issue is discussed in the 1972 case from the Texarkana Court of Appeals styled, Doss v. Roberts. This suit involves the division of … Continue reading

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Liability Of Insurance Adjusters

Insurance attorneys representing the insureds would prefer to fight cases in State Court.  One way of doing this is to successfully plead a case against the insurance adjuster.  Insurance companies would prefer to fight in Federal Court. Here is a … Continue reading

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Collateral Source Rule Applies to Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Insurance Payments—or Does It?

In a personal injury case, the collateral-source rule bars a tortfeasor, a defendant, from reducing his liability by the amount the plaintiff recovers from independent sources. It is a substantive rule of law, as well as an evidentiary rule (disallowing … Continue reading

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Frequency and size of M&A insurance claims continue to rise

AIG, in its recently published 2018 M&A Claims Report, explored the rising number of representations and warranties (R&W) claims in the M&A market by examining AIG policies written between 2011 and 2016. During this period, AIG wrote policies for approximately … Continue reading

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