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Allegedly Defamatory Tweet About Non-Resident Insufficient to Confer Jurisdiction

This is a lawsuit for defamation brought by Jason Miller. The particular claims in question arise out of a tweet. Miller was an advisor on the Trump campaign and later became a commentator and consultant. He was allegedly involved in … Continue reading

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PA Superior Court Finds Speculation Insufficient to Prove Mens Rea at Preliminary Hearing

Criminal Defense Lawyer Zak Goldstein The Pennsylvania Superior Court has decided the case of Commonwealth v. Wyatt, holding that the trial court properly dismissed involuntary manslaughter, homicide by vehicle, and related charges stemming from a fatal motor vehicle accident where … Continue reading

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New York Court Dismisses Medical Malpractice Case Due to Insufficient Evidence

To avoid liability in a medical malpractice case in the New York court system, the medical care provider must prove that he or she did not deviate from the accepted standards of care and practice. The plaintiff can refute this … Continue reading

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Arbitrator finds allegations insufficient to support termination even if proven, orders reinstatement before hearing.

The Nassau County (NY) District Attorney's office has challenged a decision of Arbitrator John Sands ordering the reinstatement of  Investigator (and Local Union President) Michael Falzanaro. Nassau DA challenges ruling that her office improperly disclosed wiretapThe DA's office had a wiretap in place … Continue reading

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Elder penalized for wages paid to family caregiver, due to insufficient evidence

When a person applies for Medicaid to pay for home care or nursing home care, a penalty will be imposed if assets were given away during the preceding five year “look-back” period. There are numerous regulations in federal and state … Continue reading

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