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Insights into the FTC and the Utah Department of Commerce: Consumer Fraud and Business Symposium

On September 20, 2018, the FTC and Utah Department of Commerce held a symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah, discussing, among other things, how the two work together to combat consumer fraud in various areas. The panels provided a unique … Continue reading

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Insights About Divorce For Stay-At-Home Dads

With more and more moms acting as breadwinners, the stay-at-home dad lifestyle is far from taboo. Still, it remains uncommon in Minnesota and throughout the United States. This can — but shouldn't have to — complicate the divorce process. Read … Continue reading

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The Information Pharms Race and Competitive Dynamics of Precision Medicine: Insights from Game Theory

Ernst R. Berndt and Mark R. Trusheim discuss The Information Pharms Race and Competitive Dynamics of Precision Medicine: Insights from Game Theory. ABSTRACT: Precision medicines inherently fragment treatment populations, generating small-population markets, creating high-priced "niche busters" rather than broadly prescribed… … Continue reading

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Mary Meeker’s Annual Internet Report Includes Insights Into Privacy

This past week, Mary Meeker presented her annual Internet Trends report for 2018 at the Code Conference.  A copy of the slide deck is available here.  The report is widely respected by industry experts, and this year’s presentation included a … Continue reading

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Lex Machina Expands Analytics Insights into Remedies Grant/Deny Rates and Trends

This week Lex Machina added Remedies Analytics to their platform. Lawyers can now investigate the trends on grant and deny rates for permanent injunctions. Preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders. Grant/deny rates can be analyzed for specific judges and districts … Continue reading

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