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Insider trading wrap

It looks like the Galleon investigations and trials are wrapping up. Raj Rajaratnam was sentenced last week to 11 years. Danielle Chiesi just started her 30 month sentance at "Camp Cupcake". Octopussy got 10 years, and his fellow small fish… … Continue reading

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SEC Busts Insider Trading With Help of Ex-Wife

Karen and David Zilkha's marriage ended in messy divorce proceedings that included spousal abuse, restraining orders, an ongoing battle over their nine-year old twins and a SEC investigation. Their marriage began in 1998 in Washington State where Mr. Zilkha worked … Continue reading

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More on Insider Trading and Relationships of Trust and Confidence

A commenter on my previous post on the hazards of telling your no-goodnik boyfriend material, non-public information asked whether it made a difference in the analysis if the person with whom you are sharing material, non-public information is a spouse…. … Continue reading

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Insider trading at the top of Berkshire Hathaway?

If what people are saying is true … well … wow. Here's Berkshire Hathaway's press release and excerpts: Finally, Dave brought the idea for purchasing Lubrizol to me on eitherJanuary 14 or 15. Initially, I was unimpressed, but after his… … Continue reading

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SEC Enforcement Action Against Hedge Fund Managers is First Insider Trading Action in Expert Network Investigation

In the first enforcement action against traders in the SEC's ongoing investigation of insider trading involving expert networks, the SEC alleged that a New York-based hedge fund and four hedge fund portfolio managers illegally traded on confidential inside information obtained … Continue reading

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