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Implications of Brexit for Innovation in Private Law

Horst Eidenmueller, Collateral Damage: Brexit’s Negative Effects on Regulatory Competition and Legal Innovation in Private Law (May 7, 2018), available at SSRN. Caroline Bradley The dark side of Brexit is that it illustrates dramatically the contrast between a political context … Continue reading

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IP Offices still searching for (the holy grail) of innovation and incentives: the view from IPWeek @ SG

There was a time when national IP offices were cozy little operations, dealing with the registration of patents, trademarks and designs. Various national offices did a better or worse job at this, but all agreed- the task of the IP … Continue reading

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Fintech-Forward: U.S. Treasury Department’s Report on Nonbank Financials, Fintech, and Innovation

On July 31, 2018, the U.S. Department of the Treasury (“Treasury”) released a report on “Nonbank Financials, Fintech, and Innovation,” its fourth and final report on the U.S. financial system pursuant to Executive Order 13772 (the “Report”). At over 200 … Continue reading

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How Product Innovation Can Affect Price Collusion

Andrew Smyth (Department of Economics, Marquette University and Economic Science Institute, Chapman University) ponders How Product Innovation Can Affect Price Collusion. Abstract: Price conspiracies appear endemic in many markets. This paper conjectures that low expected returns from product innovation can… … Continue reading

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Yochai Benkler on Innovation & Networks

Yochai Benkler is a giant within the intellectual history of IP law; some of his work will surely end up on my Classic Patent Scholarship page if I expand it to post-2000 works. Even though I don't agree with all … Continue reading

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