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Innocent Defendant Facing Criminal Charges: What are Your Options?

Innocent conviction, while an act of injustice, happens occasionally in New Jersey. The suspects who are not guilty of crime still must go through the process of defending themselves, but fortunately, it doesn’t always mean they’ll have to take it … Continue reading

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Suffolk County Police Won’t Disclose How It’s Helping ICE Lock Up Innocent Students

So far the department has failed to respond to a Freedom of Information Law request about its relationship with ICE. The pattern is now familiar. An immigrant student in Long Island’s Suffolk County is disciplined for “gang related” activity, often … Continue reading

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"How to make an innocent client plead guilty"

Read more detail on Recent Criminal Law posts –

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Carl Bernstein unwittingly reveals that he believes Trump is innocent of whatever it is that Mueller is investigating.

I was stunned by this amazing slip this morning on CNN's "State of the Union." The moderator Dana Bash had this question:WOODWARD: You have to look at the crimes. [T]he investigation has been going on for over a year, at … Continue reading

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Innocent until proven guilty

About a week ago, I was working with a guy who had come into the library. Seems Guy had been charged with raping a 3 year old baby girl. Three. THREE! Pretty shocking, right? Took pretty much everything I had … Continue reading

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