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Lifetime Benefits, Part 1 – Injury v. Sickness Limitation

­­Having a disability policy is an important step in protecting your financial security and ensuring a monthly source of income if you are forced to step away from practicing and file a claim due to a disability.  However, as we’ve … Continue reading

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Can A Spouse Get Compensation For Their Partner’s Injury?

The injury of a spouse can mean so much more than medical bills. When it is a severe or disabling injury, it can also mean losing certain marital benefits besides money, such as home-cooked meals and loving companionship. These losses … Continue reading

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Avoid Exploding E-Cigarettes: A Public Safety Announcement from Your Central New York Injury Lawyer.

Remember those old cartoons with exploding cigars?  Pretty funny in a cartoon.  Not so funny in real life. Today’s real-life exploding “smokes” are not the old-fashioned trick cigars, but rather the hip x-generation electronic cigarettes (a/k/a vaping devices).  They may … Continue reading

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Can You Get Punitive Damages For Your Injury?

In a personal injury case, you may be entitled to what are called compensatory damages, money intended to compensate you for your losses. But there is another type of award called punitive damages, meant to punish the party at fault … Continue reading

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New York Personal Injury Lawyer’s Hawaiian Vacation Teaches Lessons on Personal Injury Law

Since I am a New York personal injury lawyer, you might think I never met a personal injury case I didn’t like.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I reject more injury cases than I take.  One reason I … Continue reading

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