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Federal Judge Issues Temporary Injunction Blocking President’s Asylum Policy

Several weeks ago, the President signed an executive order preventing undocumented immigrants from applying for asylum. On Monday, a federal judge from San Francisco issued a nationwide injunction, forcing the government to continue to accept asylum claims by undocumented immigrants, … Continue reading

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modifying a false advertising injunction is justified when likelihood that claim is false has changed

De Simone v. VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc., No. TDC-15-1356, 2018 WL 4567111 (D. Md. Sept. 24, 2018)De Simone sought modification of a preliminary injunction governing statements it could make about a probiotic product, VSL#3and its relationship to De Simone’s now-competing product, … Continue reading

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The National Injunction and the Administrative Procedure Act

When a lower court decides that an administrative agency is acting unlawfully, may it enjoin the government from engaging in that practice anywhere in the nation, even if this relief would prevent any other lower court from adjudicating the validity … Continue reading

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Siskind Summary – The Texas DACA Preliminary Injunction Ruling

1 – This is a summary of the DACA order today that came down from Judge Hanen in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Judge Hanen was the same judge who ruled against the DAPA program … Continue reading

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Milan court issues dynamic blocking injunction against Italian ISPs

Does a blocking injunction against an intermediary only concern the domain names indicated in the relevant order or can it be also considered as encompassing future infringements committed through other domain names?This is the question that the Milan Court of … Continue reading

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