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Inherited liability under a workers’ compensation system: a surprise to avoid

Canadian provinces and territories all administer some form of a workers’ compensation system within their jurisdiction. Funded by employer-paid premiums, these no-fault insurance systems provide wage replacement and medical benefits to injured employees who relinquish their right to sue their … Continue reading

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Texas Federal Court Exempts Inherited IRA: Contradicts Florida Court Decisions

A couple years ago I posted an article in my bankruptcy law blog regarding inherited IRAs. My post discussed a Florida state court decision which held that the statutory IRA exemption from creditors does not apply to IRAs which the … Continue reading

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The Impact of Race and Inherited Wealth on Social Mobility

Palma Joy Strand, Inheriting Inequality: Wealth, Race and the Laws of Succession, 89 Oregon L. Rev. 453 (2010), available at SSRN. Paula Monopoli In her recent article, Inheriting Inequality: Wealth, Race and the Laws of Succession, Palma Joy Strand unpacks … Continue reading

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Wealth — Inherited or Self-Made?

The claim is often made that inherited money is a social evil which needs to be curtailed such as by an estate or inheritance tax. People point to celebrities such as Paris Hilton to support this claim. However, Robert Frank… … Continue reading

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