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NY Times: Professors Liberalism Does Not Influence Students

New York Times: Professors’ Liberalism Contagious? Maybe Not, by Patricia Cohen: An article of faith among conservative critics of American universities has been that liberal professors politically indoctrinate their students. This conviction not only fueled the culture wars but has… … Continue reading

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Article on Decision and Persuasion: Re-Conceiving the Role of the Planner Where Undue Influence is Suspected

James C. Milton and Katheleen R. Guzman recently Article entitled, Decision and Persuasion: Re-Conceiving the Role of the Planner Where Undue Influence is Suspected, ACTEC Law Journal, Vol. 44, No. 1, 137 – 143 (Winter 2019). Provided below is an… … Continue reading

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Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in Washington State

Driving under the influence of marijuana is dangerous and potentially deadly. According to the 2018 Washington Traffic Safety Commission survey, “Marijuana Use, Alcohol Use, and Driving in Washington State,” driver impairment due to alcohol and/or drugs is the number one … Continue reading

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How Diaspora Communities Influence Terrorist Groups

Editor’s Note: Terrorist groups often draw on ethnic or religious brethren in other countries. These communities raise money, provide arms, offer volunteers, lobby host governments and otherwise try to advance the terrorist cause. James Piazza of The Pennsylvania State University … Continue reading

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Is Governance Going Green? The Influence of Environmental and Social Issues on Corporate Governance and Investing

With the heightened awareness of climate change, wage disparities, gender inequality and the like, the effects of these and other environmental and social (E&S) issues are widespread, extending as far as topics like corporate governance and investing. In fact, in … Continue reading

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