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Who Wants a Tax Increase?

The OECD recently released the 2018 results of their “Risks that Matter Survey.” This survey covers a broad range of policy issues that people face in countries around the world. The survey covered more than 22,000 people aged 18 to … Continue reading

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Give Prisoners a Voice to Increase Prison Accountability

Demetria D. Frank, Prisoner-to-Public Communication, 84 Brook. L. Rev. 115 (2018). SpearIt If prisons are about keeping prisoners locked in, it is safe to say that they do an equally good job of keeping the public out. Professor Demetria D. Frank’s … Continue reading

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Hedging Against a Tax Rate Increase in an Obama Administration

The latest Real Clear Politics national poll gives Obama a 7.8 lead, and Greg Mankiw (Harvard University, Department of Economics) questions why the current Intrade market places a two-thirds probability on an increase in marginal tax rates in 2009: This… … Continue reading

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New Report Shows Increase in Violent Crime in San Jose

San Jose was once considered one of the safest big cities in the United States. However, a new report shows that while violent crimes have gone down in other places throughout the Bay Area, the number of assaults and batteries … Continue reading

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Tax Avoidance Rules Increase the Compliance Burden in EU Member Countries

The question of how to address base erosion and profit shifting has been a growing concern in recent years. It gained force around the world when the OECD published recommendations from the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project in … Continue reading

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