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Is a User-Fee-Based System Incompatible With Progressive Income Taxation?

Reacting to my commentary, Who Should Pay to Clean Up Water, suggesting that the cost of cleaning up polluted water should be borne by those who pollute the water, a reader asked me to reconcile that position and my support … Continue reading

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Income Taxes on the Top 0.1 Percent Weren’t Much Higher in the 1950s

Lawmakers have recently announced plans that would increase the tax burden on wealthy Americans, ranging from higher marginal income tax rates to wealth taxes. These proposals are flawed in several ways, including in their lack of understanding of tax history. … Continue reading

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Not "Dependent Property" — Denial of Business Income Loss Claim Upheld

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY – BUSINESS INCOME LOSS CLAIM – "DEPENDENT PROPERTY" Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP v. Zurich Am. Ins. Co.(2nd Dept., 1/23/2019)Commercial property policy for the plaintiff, a former debt collections law firm, provided coverage for actual loss of "business income" sustained by the plaintiff … Continue reading

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Ocasio-Cortez’s Proposed 70 Percent Top Marginal Income Tax Rate Would Deter Innovation

As America’s advantage in innovation erodes and levels of entrepreneurial activity decline, it is becoming increasingly important that tax policy does not further hinder economic dynamism. Unfortunately, a recent proposal by freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to increase the top … Continue reading

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Advisor David Phillips Accused of Selling Future Income Payments Investment Fraud

According to BrokerCheck records financial advisor David Phillips (Phillips), formerly employed by Moloney Securities Co., Inc. (Moloney Securities) has been subject to one customer complaint and one tax lien during his career.  According to records kept by The Financial Industry … Continue reading

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