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Court Underscores Importance Of Communication Between Parents

Raising children can be difficult for traditional family units. Families with divorced or separated parents face numerous other challenges, some of which become apparent during the holiday season. While it can be difficult to juggle hectic schedule with pre-arranged access … Continue reading

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Medical Futility Cases – Importance of Written Decisions from California, Texas, and Virginia Appropriate Care Committees

I have repeatedly criticized the intramural resolution of medical futility conflicts as violating procedural due process. The most notable omissions are (1) a neutral decision maker, (2) appellate review, and (3) notice. But another missing element is a “written statement” of … Continue reading

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Importance of Packaging to Brand Development

The packaging of any product plays a vital role in customers’ decision making. Improper packaging may set the business to failure because it can communicate many things, from the usability of the product to the companies’ value. For success in … Continue reading

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Belt and Suspenders: Recent Federal Circuit Case Highlights Importance of Using Trade Secret and Patent Protections for IP

Many companies assume that they need to choose between patent protections or trade secret protections for their intellectual property, thereby foregoing an important tool in their arsenal to protect key company assets. Some believe that these protections are diametrically opposed, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Emotional Support During a Divorce

Finding ways to manage the stress of divorce is essential to making the best of this emotional, life-changing event. The post The Importance of Emotional Support During a Divorce appeared first on O’Connell and Aronowitz. Read more detail on Recent … Continue reading

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