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When Does an Idea Become an Asset and When Does an Asset Become Subject to Marital Property Division in Maryland?

Back in the 1990s, a famous politician once responded to a question under oath by noting that “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” While that answer might be puzzling to some, the reality is that, in the … Continue reading

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Encumbering deaccessioned work a good idea?

Apparently this writer, Bob Beatty, thinks so. “A museum selling a work should ensure that the institution or individual to which or whom the work is sold commit in some binding form to equal or higher conservational standards and equal or higher public … Continue reading

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“Where’s My Order?” Apparently, Merrill Lynch Customers Had No Idea: Merrill Lynch Agrees to Pay $42 Million Settlement For Allegedly Re-Rerouting Customer Orders To Electronic Platforms And Creating False Reports

The SEC settlement indicates that Merrill Lynch sent millions of dollars in customer orders to other broker-dealers for execution while purposely concealing their activity as part of their so-called “masking.” practice. For five years, Merrill Lynch had routed some orders … Continue reading

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Do you have a good idea for a new business in McAllen?

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce is starting a new monthly program to help entrepreneurs. One of the significant challenges for anyone in business is innovation, and the McAllen Chamber of Commerce is not the exception. Steve Ahlenius, President, and Chief … Continue reading

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IPO-Related Securities Litigation and the Idea of Shareholder Claim Mandatory Arbitration

As I have noted in prior posts, a number of commentators have proposed that companies filing with the SEC to complete IPOs ought to be able to include in their bylaws a mandatory arbitration provision requiring shareholder claimants to submit … Continue reading

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