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Colorado Hopes to Bag Residency Requirements for Marijuana Businesses

Despite appalling and misguided federal efforts to hold back marijuana businesses, the industry continues to blaze trails with expanded marijuana laws and opportunities, clearing away for progress and reason to prevail. The latest example comes out of Colorado, where the … Continue reading

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AT&T’s Hopes Throttled by 9th Circuit In En Banc Opinion

Well-known telecom giant AT&T has spent years attempting to evade repercussions stemming from their practice of “throttling back” data speeds for consumers paying for unlimited data plans. Sued back in 2014 by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), AT&T claimed that … Continue reading

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Woman Pushes For Passage Of Hopes Law (KMBC TheKansasCityChannel.com via Yahoo! News)

Dennine Turner said her ex-husbands methamphetamine habit put their daughter in danger. Now she wants to pass a law to help protect other children. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Administrative law

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Jeter’s Defense Could Sink Yanks’ Title Hopes (NYYFans)

Derek Jeter is to infield defense roughly what the Edmund Fitzgerald was to maritime navigation on the Great Lakes. Or as Michael Ray Richardson once more eloquently put it: “The ship be sinkin.” Read more detail on Legal News Directory … Continue reading

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Vonage hopes Supreme Court patent ruling is Deus Ex Machina

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