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Horwitz on Office, Honor, and the Oath

Paul Horwitz (University of Alabama School of Law) has posted The Constitutional Marriage of Personality and Impersonality: Office, Honor, and the Oath (33 Constitutional Commentary __ (Forthcoming)) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: This short piece is written for a symposium on … Continue reading

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Strengthening competition and innovation in Canada: 2013-2018 (A Video in Honor of John Pecman)

John is highly deserving of the accolades. He led a golden age of accomplishment at the Bureau, continuing a strong global role. Read more detail on Recent Antitrust posts –

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Want to Honor Veterans? Access to Medical Marijuana a Good Start

As a country, many support troops with parades and national days of honor. Yet when those same veterans seek help ease the mental and physical pain they endure as a result of fighting for our freedoms, their pleas often fall on … Continue reading

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To Honor Esmond Martin, U.S. Agencies Must Implement Wildlife Whistleblower Programs

Esmond Martin, after decades of working undercover investigating the illegal wildlife trade, was found stabbed to death in his Nairobi home earlier this week. Martin was an extraordinarily intelligent man. An American geographer from New York, Martin published books and … Continue reading

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Flap at Princeton University over amendments to Honor System. It’s not students’ responsibility to protect the University from legal liability?

A letter to the Daily Princetonian titled Concerning amendments to the constitution of the Honor System discusses some procedural issues related to voted-upon amendments to Princeton's Constitution of the Honor System.As to Amendments 2-4, from a 10 Dec 2017 letter … Continue reading

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