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Second-Degree Homicide Charges In Traffic Accident In Gwinnett County

In Georgia, driving without a license can mean three things. One is that you have a valid driver’s license, but did not have it on you as proof during a traffic stop. The second thing it could mean is that … Continue reading

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Criminal Vehicular Homicide Charges: Part II

In Lundgren & Johnson’s first article from the criminal vehicular operation series in October 2017, we discussed the eight categories of Minnesota criminal vehicular homicide (CVH) and criminal vehicular operation (CVO) charges.  While those eight categories encompass a variety of … Continue reading

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Vehicular Homicide in Tennessee

If one has perused many of this site's recent blogs, it should be clear by now that Tennessee law provides for several different types of homicide offenses addressing several different types of conduct that may take or endanger the lives … Continue reading

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Slain womans family wants N.C. fetal homicide law (USA Today)

The family of the pregnant mother of two who was killed while delivering USA TODAY newspapers in Raleigh, N.C., is pushing for a state law that will recognize a fetus as a separate victim of violent crime. Read more detail … Continue reading

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