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Best Practices for the Hiring Process

Phones will be buzzing this week, as faculty candidates receive invitations for call-back interviews. My head is still buzzing from last weekend, as I process the hiring conference and the interviews many of us did at the Wardman Park. Why … Continue reading

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Hiring the Wrong Expert is a Costly Mistake – Understanding Business Interruption Claims, Part 92

Hiring qualified experts to assist policyholders in the presentation of a business interruption claim is a sine qua non condition for success. An expert's inexperience or poor work product could cause irreversible damage and destroy any viability of what would … Continue reading

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Goldstein & Russell P.C. is hiring

A full-time position is available commencing in September. The job has two parts: Firm Manager of Goldstein & Russell P.C.; and Special Assistant to Tom Goldstein and Amy Howe (partners in the firm). To apply, please send a cover letter, … Continue reading

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Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney is One of the Important Rules

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is one of the most important rules after being involved in a collision on the bike. Motorcycle accidents are usually devastating, because the rider has little protection from hitting the pavement; they have a helmet … Continue reading

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The Ice Age of In-House Legal Hiring Might Be Over

How long can in-house legal departments go on without hiring? As the last economic storm demonstrated, hiring freezes can last a pretty long time. But according to a recent report by InsideCounsel, the ice age of in-house legal hiring may … Continue reading

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