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31 Highest Paying Companies

“Almost every day, nearly 112 million Americans wake up and go to work. The vast majority of them do so to put a roof over their head, food on the table, and otherwise support their chosen lifestyle. While full-time U.S. … Continue reading

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Hybrid Reps Not Held to Highest Standard of Conduct – Yet.

As the debate continues to rage within the financial industry over which professional standard of conduct financial advisors should be held to, a new report suggests that brokers are evolving faster than the rules themselves. According to a new study … Continue reading

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Blog Post: Convertible Bonds Surge To Highest Clip Since 2008

Read more detail on Recent Environmental Law posts –

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Motor vehicle accident injuries in NYC at their highest in May

5,569 people suffered personal injury in 20,551 traffic accidents in New York City last May. Among them were 2,534 motorists, 1,755 passengers, 430 cyclists and 850 pedestrians. While looking at past statistics,  we notice a seasonal factor that causes the … Continue reading

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New Jersey May Adopt Highest Corporate Tax in the Country

No one would consider New Jersey a low-tax state, with the sixth-highest corporate tax rate (9 percent), fifth-highest top income tax rate (8.97 percent), eighth-highest state sales tax (6.625 percent), tenth-highest gasoline tax (37.1 cents per gallon), tenth-highest cigarette tax … Continue reading

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