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Run! Hide! The Lawyers Are Being Replaced By Machines

There are a series of articles in Slate lately on how computers, or, more generally, technology, will changes professions by automating the more mundane tasks and possibly the more complex ones as well. Today's entry takes a look at the… … Continue reading

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U.S. Asks to Hide Witnesses and Evidence During the Upcoming Trial of Former CIA Officer Jeffrey Sterling

Politico on August 10, 2011 released the following: "By Josh Gerstein Federal prosecutors want permission to introduce evidence that the public will not see and to use screens to shield the identities of some witnesses during the upcoming trial of … Continue reading

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I Think My Spouse Is Going To Hide Our Money

If you think that your spouse is going to hide money in anticipation of a divorce, there are steps that you can take to prevent that. Once you determine that this is even a possibility, you need to contact the … Continue reading

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Property Division Award to Wife Includes Assets Husband Tries to Hide From Wife and Court

UK Husband and Wife divorce. Husband, a multi-millionaire, allegedly "overlooks" some assets in his required disclosures … about 2 million pounds' worth. Such as three gold bars smuggled out of Austria in the 1930s, and offshore bank accounts. Husband claims … Continue reading

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Blakely says alleged dope dealers tried to hide stash in tub (The Decatur Daily)

TANNER — When authorities banged on an alleged drug dealers door, those inside stashed 10 pounds of pot in a bathtub, Sheriff Mike Blakely said. The sheriff said drug investigators served a search warrant at 9915 Lucas Ferry Road south … Continue reading

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