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SJC Hears Oral Arguments over Request for Records of Show Cause Hearings

Massachusetts has a unique system for certain criminal complaints, where both a police officer or private individual can apply for a criminal complaint and a clerk magistrate will decide whether there is probable cause for a criminal complaint to be issued. This process … Continue reading

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Case o' The Week: Ninth Nod to the Nutty – Equivocation When Going Pro Se in Faretta Hearings

 Feeling Lucky?Charles 'Lucky' LucianoUnited States v. Audette, 2019 WL 2096455 (9thCir. May 14, 2019), decision available here.Players: Decision by Judge M. Smith, joined by Judges Hawkins and Hurwitz. Hard-fought appeal by District of Arizona AFPD Elizabeth J. Krushchek.Facts: Steven Audette … Continue reading

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Friendly Suit Hearings

As a personal injury attorney in Brownsville, Texas I’m often involved with lawsuits and settlements involving minors. Because the child lacks the capacity to enter into a legal contract, how can a minor accept a settlement offer? Can the parents accept the settlement on behalf of … Continue reading

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Should instruction hearings and/or court-mediated settlement talks be public?

×Reading time: 3 minutes The FPC has attempted from the very beginning to settle its cases by compromise; see e.g. the Annual Report 2013 (p 6, left col): The Federal Patent Court sees itself as a service provider to the … Continue reading

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Limits On Rescheduling Hearings That Conflict With Religious Holidays Do Not Violate Free Exercise Rights

In Jack Jaffa & Associates v. City of New York, (NY Cty. Sup. St., March 21, 2019), a New York state trial court rejected a claim that rules of New York City's Office of Trials and Hearings violate the First Amendment.  … Continue reading

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