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With Kavanaugh hearing set, Senate releases records

Although the battle over records related to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure in the George W. Bush White House continues, the Senate Judiciary Committee has recently released over 100,000 pages of documents. The first batch of documents, released last week, contained … Continue reading

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Professor In Hiding By Death Threats Over Brazil Abortion Hearing

From The Guardian: Days before a Brazilian supreme court hearing on a move that could eventually decriminalise abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, a leading feminist campaigner is in hiding after receiving death threats. Debora Diniz, a professor… … Continue reading

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Tips for Preparing for a Child Custody Hearing

A child custody hearing is one of the most crucial aspects of a divorce. If you are facing a child custody hearing, it is important to prepare properly so that you can increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome … Continue reading

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A Hearing May Not Be Required to Contest a Rule 69 Agreement in Arizona

Contesting a Rule 69 Agreement Without a Trial A rule 69 agreement in an Arizona divorce is created when the parties reach a settlement and either place the terms of that settlement in a written document or recite the terms … Continue reading

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FDA’s Exploration of Innovation vs. Access Continues with Public Hearing on the Biosimilar Marketplace

By Sara W. Koblitz — Just like last year when it held a public hearing and rolled out the Generic Drug Action Plan, FDA is following its recent announcement of the Biosimilar Action Plan with a Public Hearing on competition … Continue reading

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