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Today's Headlines and Commentary

German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned a series of anti-immigrant protests across eastern German cities on Wednesday, according to the Wall Street Journal. Several of the protests turned violent, with participants displaying illegal Nazi symbols and chasing people who did not … Continue reading

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Another View: Suing Las Vegas Victims Got Headlines. Outcome Could Be Big News, Too.

MGM Resorts’s maneuver sets up the first legal test of an antiterrorism law that is meant to protect companies that develop innovative security products. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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“Rewriting Racist Headlines” – Video On ‘Framing’ The News

Watch this video on The Scene. Read more detail on Recent Advertising Law posts – Last search terms:https://yandex ru/clck/jsredir?from=yandex ru;search;web;;&text=&etext=1831 nsTKdOauDYSUzM2pUxR72-3_Nc7MSthTb2ZNdHq_FDZ1ERcXvsZaL8QistFVMboZ 6570b6ceccf5f72d625ac01026c91dc5115dfe3d&uuid=&state=_BLhILn4SxNIvvL0W45KSic66uCIg23qh8iRG98qeIXmehttps://yandex ru/clck/jsredir?from=yandex ru;search;web;;&text=&etext=1831 bHb5PLoiEgnre5NCvinEQiTaUHmW9ZGYtfEekAVF6TVOvgu1QVy-jGVkhTbE6v0w 775496b98e14e3bf7e0bc9260a35bf02af74ed94&uuid=&state=_BLhILn4SxNIvvL0W45KSic66uCIg23qh8iRG98qeIXme

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Today's Headlines and Commentary

National security adviser John Bolton is pushing to eliminate the cybersecurity coordinator in the White House, according to Politico. The position leads National Security Council staffers who manage interagency cooperation and strategy-making on cyber policy. Bolton’s motives seem mixed: He … Continue reading

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News Headlines for Apr 24, 2018

Sears CEO Offers to Buy Kenmore, Other Units – WSJ ,Opinion: Sears CEO Eddie Lampert Looks Like He Is Sucking Company Dry – TheStreet ,Toys ‘R’ Us and Bankruptcy: Death by Disruption, Not Debt | CLS Blue Sky Blog ,Technically … Continue reading

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