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Are you having problems sleeping?

If you are like me, you spend a good bit of time talking with students who are not getting enough hours of sleep or waking up worrying or never falling asleep. A useful web site with tons of information on… … Continue reading

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Single Men Increasingly Having Biological Children via Surrogacy

From Chicago Tribune: Bill Guest was about 30 when his biological clock kicked in. His friends were having kids left and right, and suddenly being a doting uncle wasn’t enough. Guest wasn’t particularly interested in getting married, but he did… … Continue reading

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Drunk Couple Charged for Having Sex in Public During Rush Hour

A man and woman who were reportedly intoxicated and in the act of having sexual intercourse on the ground and in plain sight of the many travelers passing the high-traffic area are facing charges for the allegations. 48-year-old Tony Willis … Continue reading

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Having Fun at Satoshis.place

Satoshis.place is a new site that opened a couple of days ago, showcasing the amazing power of the Bitcoin Lightning network. People can paint on a canvas at the site and pay one satoshi (a fraction of a bitcoin) for … Continue reading

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Tax Debt and Having Your Passport Taken Away

Congress granted the IRS the power to revoke passports in December 2015.  The process is cumbersome and bureaucratic because it involves both the IRS and the State Department.  Since the State Department is responsible for issuing and taking away passports, the … Continue reading

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