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New Haven Firefighters: Round Two

In his concurring opinion in Ricci v. DeStefano (2009), Justice Scalia wrote: "[T]he war between disparate impact and equal protection will be waged sooner or later, and it behooves us to begin thinking about how–and on what terms–to make peace … Continue reading

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How Did Japan Become a Haven for Child Abductions?

Time Magazine, March 7, 2011 Like any loving father, Christopher Savoie just wanted to do the best thing for his two kids. In August 2009, his Japanese ex-wife broke U.S. law and abducted their children from his home in Tennessee, … Continue reading

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Delaware as a Tax Haven

Is Delaware a corporate tax haven? Evidence from the BYU Accounting Symposium, where I am sitting right now. This is a big part of the story: One of the most prevalent corporate state tax planning strategies involves subsidiaries organized in … Continue reading

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Nebraskas Safe Haven Law – Controversies

Nebraskas “safe-haven” law which allows parents to abandon children at hospitals without being prosecuted has been garnering lots of news. The reason? While other states have similar laws, other states also have an age-limit. Nebraskas law does not. So parents… … Continue reading

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Gay marriage bill passes through a state judiciary committee (WTNH-TV New Haven)

(Hartford – WTNH, Apr. 12, 2007 4:50 PM) _ A major legislative committee has approved a gay marriage bill. The historic moment came on a bi-partisan vote in the judiciary committee this afternoon. Read more detail on Legal News Directory … Continue reading

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