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Hate speech does not OK eroding 1st Amendment – Fairfax criminal lawyer

Hate speech does not justify eroding the First Amendment, says Fairfax criminal lawyer. Hate speech and hate crimes remain too prevalent in society. The following are but a few examples: Dylann Roof's racism led him to commit mass murder at … Continue reading

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Why ‘No Hate Here’ signs are actually pretty hateful

Someone came up with the label “virtue signaling” to describe the psychological impulse behind these signs. The idea is that people who put them up want to tell you how noble they are. But that doesn’t sound right. Virtue-signalers aren’t … Continue reading

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Guidance On Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Published By European Commission

The European Commission has published a Guidance Note dated November 2018 (full text) to assist member states of the European Union in enforcing national laws banning hate crimes and hate speech. The Note is designed to facilitate application of a … Continue reading

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STEVE HAYWARD:  Why we hate the media….

STEVE HAYWARD:  Why we hate the media. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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How Do We Regulate Contracts That We Need and Hate?

Anne Fleming, City of Debtors: A Century of Fringe Finance (2018). Aditi Bagchi About fifteen years ago, Bruce Mann’s Republic of Debtors offered an intriguing narrative about the origins of American bankruptcy law. Among other claims, Mann suggested that debt … Continue reading

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