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UpRight Law, Kevin Chern Sanctioned for Unconscionable Harm to Clients

UPRIGHT LAW and KEVIN CHERN, partner, sanctioned for ‘unconscionable harm to clients’ Report from the Department of Justice, 2/13/18 – Law Solutions Chicago, doing business as “UpRight Law”,  UpRight’s managing partner Kevin Chern, and affiliated partner attorneys Darren Delafield and … Continue reading

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Allegedly false statements on package/instructions didn't plausibly harm competitors, court rules

Telebrands Corp. v. Everstar Merchandise Co., No. 17-2878, 2018 WL 585765 (D.N.J. Jan. 29, 2018) (magistrate judge)Telebrands sells novelty stuff; Everstar, a competitor, allegedly copied its stuff in unlawful ways.  Relevant to this blog, Telebrands alleged that Everstar engaged in … Continue reading

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Confusion with firm sued for sexual harassment causes irreparable harm

Newmark Realty Capital, Inc., v. BGC Partners, Inc., No. 16-cv-01702 (N.D. Cal. Nov. 16, 2017)Newmark Realty Capital (founded 1991) and defendants BGC Partners and Newmark & Co. Real Estate “traditionally operated in distinct sectors of the real estate market and … Continue reading

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EFF Asks California Supreme Court to Defuse a Time Bomb That Could Harm Anonymous Speech

In recent months, we’ve seen worrying decisions in state and federal courts that weaken the First Amendment protection for anonymous speech. Last week, EFF called on the California Supreme Court to limit the impact of one these decisions, Yelp v. Superior … Continue reading

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Is there harm in asking? Questioning employees about their plans to retire

by Michele L. (Warnock) Brott Retirement decisions cannot be divorced from a person’s age. When asking questions about retirement, employers should be cognizant of age discrimination laws and the implications of making such inquiries.  Applicable laws Age discrimination is governed … Continue reading

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