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What Happens When A Drunk Driver Caused My Injuries?

In Texas, as in most states, there is a distinct difference between a criminal case and a civil suit. A civil suit for drunk driving is a distinct procedure from any criminal actions a drunk driver may face. A criminal proceeding against a drunk driver … Continue reading

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What Happens at Municipal Court?

Facing a criminal charge is never something you should take lightly. Heading to the court to face even a speeding ticket can be intimidating and confusing. What will happen once you get in that courtroom? Will the prosecutor be harsh … Continue reading

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What Happens To Foreign Property In A Divorce?

A married couple may be from a foreign country, have a foreign vacation property or habe simply diversified their investment portfolio by buying foreign property.  Property is still property no matter where it is located.  The question is “What happens … Continue reading

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What Happens at the Review & Sign Appointment?

At Kain & Scott, the final step before filing a bankruptcy is the Review & Sign appointment. Clients come into the office to prepare the bankruptcy petition and make sure the client is ready for filing. Being prepared ensures this … Continue reading

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What happens to your Retirement Benefits when you Divorce?

Although every retirement plan has its own rules, generally all of your assets and debts are added up and divided. North Carolina is a “no fault” property state so in most cases, all marital assets and debts will be divided … Continue reading

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