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What Happens to Marital Assets that Were Diminished or Spent Completely During the Course of Your Florida Divorce Litigation?

Going through the divorce process can be, and often is, a difficult time, both emotionally and, in many situations, financially. Divorcing spouses may be forced to deplete financial accounts or sell assets to pay for necessary things like living expenses … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Rule 4003(a) requires debtors to disclose assets debtor claims to be exempt. Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 4003(b) Chapter 7 trustees have 30 days after the meeting of creditors or whenever an amendment has been filed to the exemptions to … Continue reading

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What Happens When an Heir Predeceases You?

When an heir predeceases you, there are three different scenarios that could play out: If you thought ahead and named an alternate beneficiary, then that person will receive the property. If you have a residuary clause in your will, then … Continue reading

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What Happens If You’re In an Accident While Riding In an Uber?

Ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft have become so engrained in our culture in recent years. It’s sometimes easy to forget that they are still relatively new services. So perhaps it is no surprise that […] The post What Happens … Continue reading

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Here’s What Happens When We Allow Facial Recognition Technology in Our Schools

Facial recognition technology — unregulated, prone to error, and poorly understood — is being rapidly rolled out in schools. The idea of facial recognition technology conjures up scenes from books and films set in dystopian futures in which freedom and … Continue reading

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