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Missouri’s Exam Handbook: The Four Corners of the Manual

Our next criticism of Missouri’s pending Exam Handbook is its violation of the Four Corners Rule, which requires a document to stand on its own when being interpreted and applied.  Common law precludes parties from going to outside sources when applying … Continue reading

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Missouri’s Exam Handbook: Reviewing All Contracts for What Purposes?

The newest edition of the Missouri Preneed Exam Handbook has some significant problems.  The one we will discuss today is ambiguous instructions regarding the review of preneed contracts.  Paragraph 13 of the Handbook’s scope of financial examination states: 13) Staff shall … Continue reading

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CFP: Handbook of Heritage Law and Discourse – A Triadic Dimension: Protection, Regulation and Identity

The past four decades has witnessed the remarkable extension of enthusiasm in cultural heritage or property from the perspective of international laws, or international legal framework as the multilevel legal instruments for safeguarding, protection and maintenance of cultural heritage, property, … Continue reading

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Legal Theory Bookworm: "Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice" edited by Olsaretti

The Legal Theory Bookworm recommends The Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice, edited by Serena Olsaretti.  Here is a description: Distributive justice has come to the fore in political philosophy in recent decades: how should we arrange our social and economic institutions so … Continue reading

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The Oxford Handbook of Legal History (edited by Markus Dubber and Christopher Tomlins): New From @OxUniPress @MarkusDubber @ArsScripta

New from Oxford University Press: The Oxford Handbook of Legal History (Markus D. Dubber and Christopher Tomlins, 2018) (Oxford Handbooks in Law). Here from the publisher's website is the description of the book's contents. Some of the most exciting and … Continue reading

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