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Law Firms Dislike Muscular Outside Counsel Guidelines

Law departments are flexing their muscles in outside counsel guidelines, and many law firms and their consultants don’t like it one bit. Is this a sign of the times in a hyper-competitive legal market or are law departments simply filling … Continue reading

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Ventilation Requirements & Guidelines for Cargo Ships

Cargo ships are a deceptive breed of vessel: while their design and purpose may seem simple at first, there’s a lot more moving parts and interconnected designs than you might expect. A good example of this is the ventilation system. … Continue reading

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New Guidelines Urge New Mothers to Be Seen at 3 Weeks Postpartum, Not 6

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) just released guidelines advising all OBs in this country to change the way they care for mothers in the 3 month period following childbirth. Instead of the traditional 6 week postpartum visit, … Continue reading

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Trade Associations publish voluntary guidelines and encourage market behaviours under PSD2

On 4 May 2018, UK Finance, the Financial Data and Technology Association, the Electronic Money Association and techUk have jointly published voluntary guidelines to increase customer protection around the practice widely termed as ‘screen scraping’, which is used in the … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) Ethics Guidelines for the European Union?

 China has advanced its much heralded approach to the management and direction of artificial intelligence (AI) since the Chinese State Council released the New Generation AI Development Plan (新一代人工智能发展规划的通知) in July 2017 (discussed here), grounded in economic and social development … Continue reading

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