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Book Review: A Guide to Using ADR to Resolve Insurance Claims Disputes

As is well known, civil litigation in the U.S. can be expensive, time-consuming and burdensome. Despite these obvious drawbacks, countless insurance disputes wind up in litigation, imposing costs and burdens on policyholders, claimants, and insurers. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms … Continue reading

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Poynter guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world

Poynter has updated this very useful guide – Here’s where governments are taking action against online misinformation – subject matter includes hate speech law, misinformation. media literacy, fake news, election misinformation, political bots and advertising, foreign disinformation campaigns, media regulation, … Continue reading

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New on LLRX – Web Guide for the New Economy 2018

Via LLRX – Web Guide for the New Economy 2018 – This new comprehensive guide to reliable and wide ranging resources on the New Economy by Marcus Zillman provides researchers who focus on law, finance and business sectors with many … Continue reading

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New guide available for appeals of Medicaid Managed Care Decisions

Medicaid services are now provided through managed care organizations (MCO’s), which are required by federal law to provide a grievance and appeal process for the enrollees. An enrollee may be dissatisfied with the number of hours of service, or the services … Continue reading

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Four Step Guide to Whistleblowing

 If you suspect that your employer or another organization is committing fraud, financial mismanagement, unethical practices, or other illegal activities, you have a right to report that illegal activity as a whistleblower. This four step guide to whistleblowing will explain … Continue reading

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