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Guest Blogger Benjamin Miller: Suggestions to help EPA Successfully Implement Retrospective Reviews

On June 13th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking soliciting comments on how to improve the consistency and transparency of the cost benefit analyses that guide EPA’s regulatory decision making. Both are praiseworthy goals, particularly because executive … Continue reading

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Guest Post: ICO-Related Claims and Insurance Coverage: Questions You Should be Asking

Among the most interesting and significant recent developments on the financial landscape has been the rise of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. As these digital assets have proliferated, they have created a host of regulatory and legal issues. These issues in turn … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Why California’s New Data Protection Law is Unworkable, Burdensome, and Possibly Unconstitutional (Guest Blog Post)

By guest blogger Jeff Kosseff [Jeff Kosseff is an assistant professor of cybersecurity law at the U.S. Naval Academy. The views in this post are only his, and do not represent the Naval Academy, Department of Navy, or Department of … Continue reading

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Professor Witmer-Rich Participates as Guest in The Sound of Ideas Radio Show on 90.3/WCPN

Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich was a guest on WCPN’s The Sound of Ideas, discussing the 50th anniversary of Terry v. Ohio and its impact on policing throughout the country. He also discussed the recent controversial practice by the Trump administration of … Continue reading

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R.I.P. PCAOB Auditsby Stephen Kohn, Stephen A. Kohn & Associates, Ltd.As a small firm owner, I have found that over the past several years rising costs and fees have reduced our margins, making it increasingly difficult to make a living. … Continue reading

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