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Two Great Articles

Liz Tippett (Oregon) and Ann Hodges (Richmond, emerita) have each posted on SSRN terrific articles on unrelated labor/employment topics; both have been or will be published in the Employee Rights & Employment Policy Journal. Liz's article is Opportunity Discrimination: A… … Continue reading

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Great Legal and Accounting Resources for Photographers

Most states have Volunteer Lawyers and/or Accountants for the Arts (“VLA” or “VLAA”) organizations. As in New York, they serve “the artistic community’s need for legal services by providing access to free or low fee legal services.“ Each VLA/VLAA organization … Continue reading

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Cardozo’s Great Proximate Cause Decision?

Kenneth S. Abraham & G. Edward White, Recovering Wagner v. International Railway Company, 34 Tuoro L. Rev. 21 (2018). Benjamin C. Zipursky Featuring the memorable phrase “Danger invites rescue,” Cardozo’s opinion in Wagner v. International Railway Co. is engaging and beautifully written. The … Continue reading

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Review of “The Great Comeback: How Abraham Lincoln Beat the Odds to Win the 1860 Republican Nomination” by Gary Ecelbarger

In 1860, William Seward of New York was considered a shoo-in for the nomination of the Republican Party in Chicago. His campaign manager, Thurlow Weed, was “arguably the ablest political tactician in the country.” The team he assembled was overflowing … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby and the Great Gatsby curve

Paul Krugman's column today mentions the  "Great Gatsby curve," which shows a negative historical correlation between inequality and upward mobility. Economist Miles Corak, who played the lead role in discovering it, and also wrote a useful Journal of Economic Perspectives … Continue reading

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