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If You’re Going to Represent Yourself

” “David and Goliath !” by Indyblue from Flickr (Creative Commons License) I’ve received a number of questions from people who want tips about representing themselves in a lawsuit. I’ve also had the experience of being in a lawsuit where … Continue reading

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Considering Going Virtual to Help Hedge Influencer PR Risks?

As brands increasingly experiment with using virtual influencers, rather than real-life ones, InfoLawGroup partner, Heather Nolan, weighs in on some legal issues to consider in this article by Alex Brownsell in WARC: https://www.warc.com/content/article/warc-trends/trend_snapshot_virtual_influencers/125576 Read more detail on Recent Advertising Law … Continue reading

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Mandatory Cash Acceptance Legislation and the Ongoing Argument Over Going Cashless

In an American economy driven by Silicon Valley, where Americans pay more than half of their bills online, and millennials have taken to online social platforms like Venmo to split the bill for dinner, cash continues to represent nearly a … Continue reading

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So You Think You’re Going to Recover Attorneys’ Fees?

Virginia courts are not fond of awarding attorneys’ fees in litigation, even to the prevailing party. The general rule in this country is that litigants are responsible for their own attorneys’ fees unless a contract or statute says otherwise. Even … Continue reading

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Is Governance Going Green? The Influence of Environmental and Social Issues on Corporate Governance and Investing

With the heightened awareness of climate change, wage disparities, gender inequality and the like, the effects of these and other environmental and social (E&S) issues are widespread, extending as far as topics like corporate governance and investing. In fact, in … Continue reading

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