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Possible Beneficiary of Jell-O Fortune Goes Home Empty-Handed

Elizabeth McNabbs biological great-grandfather started the Jell-O company. However, Elizabeth was unaware of this fact until well into her adult years as she was adopted as child after having been born out of wedlock. She learned that she could potentially… … Continue reading

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Pop goes the kitty? registration and infringement are separate inquiries, court points out

SportPet Designs Inc. v. Cat1st Corp., No. 17-CV-0554 (E.D. Wis. Mar. 2, 2018)SportPet sued Cat1st for patent, trademark, and copyright infringement and violations of Wisconsin's Deceptive Trade Practices Act based on its sale of pet products such as play structures … Continue reading

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“And the Deposition Goes to the Gentleman in the Blue Pinstripe Suit”

Ronen Avraham & William Hubbard, Procedural Flexibility in Three Dimensions (Unpublished draft, 2018). Jay Tidmarsh A burgeoning procedural literature explores the power of parties to alter the procedural entitlements of the civil-justice system by means of contractual agreement and the … Continue reading

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A Stoic Goes To Hell

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When an online news outlet goes out of business, its archives can disappear as well

Erasing history – When an online news outlet goes out of business, its archives can disappear as well. The new battle over journalism’s digital legacy. “The Honolulu Advertiser doesn’t exist anymore, but it used to publish a regular “Health Bureau Statistics” … Continue reading

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